Changement d'horaire des comptoirs de la cour municipale et du paiement des taxes et contraventions

Lundi au jeudi de 9 h à 12 h et de 13 h à 17 h et le vendredi de 8 h 30 à 13 h

Coat of arms

Designed by the Collège canadien des armoiries in 1956, Saint-Hyacinthe’s Coat of Arms remained unchanged after the 1976 and 2002 mergings. It represents an escutcheon formed by a shield topped with a 7-tower crown, and framed by 2 maple-leaf branches.

The crown evokes the importance of the City.

The shield, divided in four quarters, is struck in its center by a double-arm cross echoing the presence, on the Saint-Hyacinthe territory, of the archdiocese and numerous educational institutions.

Each quarter represents an aspect of the City:

  • a fleur-de-lis, symbolizing the French roots of its population;
  • a toothed wheel, showing the strength of its industrial and commercial activities;
  • a river, representing the rivière Yamaska; and
  • a harrow, symbolizing the agricultural vocation of the Saint-Hyacinthe region.

Its Latin motto can be translated as follows: “We shall live again through love and courage”, a testimony to past hardships.

Armoiries de la ville de Saint-Hyacinthe