Changement d'horaire des comptoirs de la cour municipale et du paiement des taxes et contraventions

Lundi au jeudi de 9 h à 12 h et de 13 h à 17 h et le vendredi de 8 h 30 à 13 h

A word from the mayor

Dear citizens,
Dear visitors,
Welcome to the City of Saint-Hyacinthe’s website. Here you will find a wealth of useful information about our beautiful municipality. Saint-Hyacinthe is a dynamic and welcoming city. Proud of its past and oriented towards the future, the municipality has many assets to seduce the hearts of families, businesses and visitors.
Our centers for conventions and higher education, as well as our attractive human-scale downtown area, are proof of our openness to the world.
Saint-Hyacinthe is a city where it’s good to get together for a better living. A city driven by the values of sharing, mutual aid and proximity.
Here, we run the city with integrity and transparency. Therefore, we have a policy of openness and sound management.
Since society is evolving, the City must keep up with the times to meet the expectations of its citizens. In this regard, we rely on communication, citizen participation and a constructive and concerted approach.
This beautiful quality of life is made possible by numerous partnerships and the commitment of all the community’s vital forces.
Together, we are cultivating our Maskoutain pride!
Enjoy your visit, and don’t hesitate to send us your comments.
André Beauregard
Mayor of Saint-Hyacinthe